All Bush Beggars, Irish Wild Rovers, lads, lassies and scurvy captain’s dogs! Hold your spirits and ales and swing the shillelaghs; O’llainnis are alive-oh!


O’llainnis (Irish Gaelic for ‘the Dutch language’), is a paradox in name and music. Just like the Japanese make a great whiskey in the jar, the Dutch do great drunken lullabies! O’llainnis originated in the Achterhoek area, eastern high point of the Netherlands, where the weather is shitty, and the girls are so pretty. We serve an intriguing salad bowl of Irish and Scottish traditional music, dashed with pop and rock and splashed with a drizzle of your favourite whiskey on a Sunday.


grote markt (main stage)

14:45 – 15:30 O’Llainnis