Every year St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by over 75 million people worldwide. And for the 9th time in a row, Grote Markt, Den Haag, O’Casey’s Irish Pub and Irish Club Netherlands join forces for a dazzling celebration of Irish culture, smack-bang in the heart of the city.
Be Irish for one day and come celebrate with us!


On Sunday the 17th of March, from early afternoon until just before midnight this is the largest celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in the Netherlands.
Get ready to green the city with the best Irish dancing schools in Europe, large pints, great music, good laughs and even better dancing!

“Dance Schools”

14:00 Ceilí with Blarney Dance Academy Irish Dancing

16:00 Redmond School of Irish Dancing Holland and Irish Dance Showgroup KYRA

18:20 Ceilí with Blarney Dance Academy Irish Dancing

20:45 Kilkenny School of Irish Dancing,The Netherlands

13:00 “Olcan Masterson & friends”

Olcan Masterson & friends
Those familiar with Sandro Bruti’s Dramtune whiskey tastings may have had the pleasure of hearing Olcan Masterson in action before. As a Dramtune ‘house friend’ we know we’re in for a session of great music with mr. Masterson and his friends. Proud to announce that we are inviting him over from Ireland – the man who masters the whistle like few others in the country!

19:00 Dramtune Whiskey Tasting at De Blauwe Kamer with Olcan Masterson & friends
We’re pleased to announce that Dramtune Whisky Tasting will be on board again this year! Come by at Sandro Bruti’s for a taste of some great whiskies, a good story and a special concert of Olcan Masterson & Friends around 7 PM.

The entrance is free and the whisky tasting is optional so no reservations are needed, there will be a wide range of single malt whisky but also some matured Rum and special Grappa.

15:00 “Natterjack (a tribute to Flook)”

This amazing duo plays a tribute to their favorite band:

Flook, the famous Irish traditional folk band. Maartje Valk (flute) and Mike Bailey (guitar/fiddle) met for the first time on the streets of The Hague, while Mike was playing his songs and Maartje was secretly listening to his music.

Their bandname Natterjack refers to one of Flook’s songs, making it a outright ode to their heroes!

17:00 “Rebels of the Sacred Heart (a tribute to Flogging Molly)”

The one and only Flogging Molly tribute band! These dutchies play a no-nonsense homage to the folkpunkband from the USA with Irish roots, using tin whistles, banjo, guitars, accordion, violin, bass and drums.

This 7-piece band makes the audience go wild everywhere they go, so by all means join in!

19:20 “Harmony Glen”

Dutch feelgood-folk group Harmony Glen always gets the crowd to dance, jig & reel to their highly energetic music. Spreading their “Folk Extravaganza” all over the world – from the Azores to the USA.

The band also left a mayor impression on Ireland, where they participated in the Fleadh Cheoil (world championship for traditional Irish music) as the first band ever from Holland to make it into the world finals. So put on your dancing boots for this one and feel good folks!

21:45 “Acting the Maggot”

Traditional Irish folk music with a popular sound, brought to you on the accordion, banjo, tin whistle, violin, guitars and drums.

In a festive flurry of all your favorites by The Dubliners, The Pogues, Flogging Molly and The Fureys, this band encourages us all to start fooling around – aka to act the maggot!

Sat 16/03 “Pre Paddy Party”

20:00 Acting The Maggot
22:30 Road Tripping

Sun 17/03 “St Patricks Day”

15:00  Hanneke Laura
17:00 Graeme James
17:00  Devil in the Kitchen
20:00  Stout
22:00  Rotschok
23:30 Karaoke with Live band

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